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Hey, what are a few thousand poor peoples’ lives when weighed against scoring cheap political points (and taking care of your major campaign donors)?

"Most Republicans have said that the E.P.A. climate-change rules exemplify what they call the Obama administration’s overreach." Unfortunately for this argument the Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency does indeed have the power to limit carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act. Executive overreach is simply another way of saying doing things the Republicans don’t like.

seems to be a trend here…

Always good to take journalists’ readings on the inner world of politicians with a grain of salt.

Yes, that’s right. Global warming is continuing, despite the flat period (which is not at all unprecedented, by the way).

MaxSpeak corrects some logical fallacies. Also, MaxSpeak is BACK.

RFK Jr. is grossly wrong about vaccines (they’re actually very safe and incredibly effective), but he’s on the mark in this remark.

However, the number of people employed in Columbia and Greene Counties was virtually unchanged over the past year. The number of nonfarm jobs in Columbia County went up by about 100 in the last year, while in Greene County it fell by about one hundred. So, yes, the unemployment rate is lower but “that 4.8 percent, Columbia County Planning/Economic Development Commissioner Ken Flood said, was still quite the achievement,” is just wrong.
Also, the first sentence in this story is just wrong: “Fewer than 5 percent of Columbia County residents were unemployed in May.” The unemployment rate, as we all remember, is calculated as a percentage of the labor force, not residents. The labor force contains people employed and people who are looking for work.

I guess that’s one way to do it. Yet another disaster brought to you by that old time tax-cut religion.

If I threaten to shop out of state, can I get a 25% discount on everything, too?
“…New York had preliminary applications for 183 film and television productions in 2013. The productions are estimated to spend $2 billion in New York on their work and receive about $477 million in tax credits, he said in February.”