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Oh, look, someone actually doing something about global warming:
“The fourth carbon budget was agreed by Parliament in June 2011, following the recommendation of the expert independent Committee on Climate Change (CCC) that it should require UK annual emissions to be 50% lower in 2025 compared with 1990.”
And what do you know? The UK’s economy hasn’t collapsed back to the stone age. In fact, the report from the London School of Economics’ Grantham Research Institute finds that carbon reductions might be good for the UK economy. Hm.

I’m behind on the news, as usual, but there is still one more meeting in Chatham to discuss this. This plan is entirely separate from the high voltage power line shenanigans that we’ve already been talking about.

Governor Cuomo is finally getting the national recognition he needs for his run for the Presidency. Wait, what?

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Apparently states that shot themselves in the foot (ie. refused Federal money for Medicaid expansion) are now, coincidentally, bleeding from gunshot wounds in the foot (ie. their medical providers are under increasing financial burdens). Whooocouldanode?

Mayor of Salem, MA, no less. A fabulous place for the next step in the shredding of the constitution resulting from the Hobby Lobby case.

‘“You just don’t expect this kind of behavior from a large company like this,” Mr. Passaro said, referring to his long battle for benefits.’
Maybe Mr. Passaro doesn’t, but I do. Anyway, this resistance to paying benefits to same-sex spouses is generally about the bottom line for corporations. Not to say that people in corporations aren’t biased against LGBTQ folks: they are. But corporations, which, despite multiple court rulings to the contrary, are actually not people and do not have opinions, beliefs or attitudes independent of the people who make decisions as owners or employees of those corporations.
However, I predict that the horrible ruling in the Hobbly Lobby case will soon be used by a corporation that has recently “seen the light” (meaning the flashing light on their bottom line, saying “do this to increase me”) to deny benefits to same-sex spouses.

Fascinating. If only the intelligence services would stick to promoting art rather than spying on everyone and chilling free expression. H/t Sam Sebren.

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