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I predict this will never come to a vote in the House, either.

For those of you wondering what all the fuss is about. John Oliver explains it all for you, including how the world football organization, FIFA, that puts the world cup on is a horrendously corrupt institution, in every way you can imagine.

Taxpayer funding should be for the cleanup, if anything, and only if the polluting corporation or its descendants can’t be held accountable.

The Haines Falls Free Library and the Heermance Memorial Library in Coxsackie are getting funds for renovations.

An update of the “Scariest Jobs Chart Ever!!!”

Setting the record straight on some things you will hear said about the EPA’s new proposal.

UN-like the Affordable Care Act, this is not legislation written by the affected industries. Which is why you here their direct and indirect voices in the whining from the Chamber of Commerce and the floor of the US House and Senate. The biggest impact this will have, if done correctly, is on coal company profits. And that’s why there is opposition. And why the voices of our elected representatives say that this will kill jobs. Almost any time one of our elected representatives says something will kill jobs, it is because they want to drum up popular support for their position, which will inevitable vacuum cash from the pockets of the people they are trying to make afraid for their jobs.

Here is the EPA’s proposal, for the hardy readers among you.