Your Friendly Neighborhood Economist

Higher taxes is one solution, and one that will not be mentioned anywhere that Serious People gather to bloviate, on TV or elsewhere.

Happy Tax, everyone! And if you see a rich person, be sure to tell them “you’re welcome!” for paying more than your fair share!

Debra James of the Center for Economic Policy Research contrasts the recent rhetoric coming out of the IMF about inequality with the policies promoted by and imposed by the IMF. Those policies increase inequality.

The Public Service Commission is open to comments from the public on the West Point Partners project, that would among other things bring underground high voltage DC transmission lines through the middle of Athens.

Just the first down payment on adaptation to climate change. Which is totally not happening. And if it were happening would totally not be our fault. And even if it were, it would be too expensive to prevent. This political propoganda brought to you by American Petroleum Enterprises (APEs).

An improvement in the transmission line part of the ongoing power line saga: Governor Cuomo said that plans that used existing right of ways would be given priority. That mean that additional land will probably not be taken from landowners in the path of the power line expansion.

Looks like Kinderhoookians (Kinderhookites?) will be getting rebate checks come election time.

Breaking! Congress critters are hypocrites! The money quote:
“In their public appearances, on the campaign trail or at hearings, members of Congress may find it useful to pretend that they deem human life priceless. It can explain, for example, why Congress refuses to allow considerations of costs – what is called “cost-effectiveness analysis” — to be pursued by the federally funded Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute that was authorized by Congress in 2010.

But as a legislative body, Congress routinely, albeit implicitly, puts finite prices on human lives in the trade-offs members make during budget votes. They may forbid cost-effectiveness analysis for coverage decisions under Medicare, but they implicitly price out human life as finite at the margins of their budget allocations – for example, in budget cuts on health programs for the poor.”
Go read the whole thing. And then go back and look at the faux outrage Congress heaped on GM (not that I’m defending GM’s penny-[inching, mind you).